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I Need a Tax invoice for my order
Posted by Nilesh Chavhan, Last modified by Nilesh Chavhan on 26 April 2018 01:14 PM

We send GST invoice to every customer once the order is placed. If the customer has a valid GST (in case customer belongs to an organization having GST number) details, he/she can mention it while placing an order from Robu. Still if a you want any alterations to be done in GST invoice received from Robu, then

Please submit a ticket mentioning below details

1. Order ID

2. Alterations to be done in invoice.

Once we receive you ticket, we will provide you the invoice.

Please note, We will not be able to provide you the GST invoice in case we receive the request for invoice in the month other thanĀ  the one in which the order has been made.
e.g. If the order is placed on 15th feb-2018 and customer raises a request for invoice on 5th march-2018, then we wont be able to help the customer as the tax filing for feb month would have been finished at the end of feb itself.

It is recommended that the customer raisesĀ  invoice request soon after placing an order.