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Product was delivered in a physically damaged condition
Posted by Nilesh Chavhan, Last modified by Sunil Gyani on 08 March 2021 04:49 PM

At we follow the highest standards for packaging. We make sure that our product remains intact even with some of the worst handling.
As per our experience, even the box may appear to be damaged badly from outside, the product inside it works for most of the cases.Having said so, if at all, a customer receives a damaged product(which is found after customer uses the product), its better to get in touch with us, we are there to take care.

                                                         If you receive the package in badly damaged condition, Make sure to contact us immediately in 2 days from the Delivery date, else return will not be possible.

What customer needs to do?

Submit a ticket mentioning

1. Order number

2. Email ID used at the time of placing order.

3. Some snapshots of the damaged parcel along with the damaged product.

Once the ticket is submitted,
What will robu do?

we will get back to you in 48 hours with the resolution
Type of resolutions
1. We will send you a replacement or
2. We will ask you to send the damaged part back to us,

Who pays for the return shipping?

We will reimburse upto Rs.70 as return shipping charges borne by you at the time of sending back the parcel.For this we will ask you your bank details and transfer this Rs 70 amount to your bank.

Make sure to contact us in 2 days from the Delivery date, else return will not be possible.